Costumes & Child Safety

Costumes and child safety – what you need to know

The safety of children’s costumes has been widely reported in the media. Ensuring a safe

and high quality costume for your family to enjoy is our top priority. Below we explain the

regulations around children’s costumes and what you should look for in any costume to

ensure a safe product.


Children’s fancy dress costumes are classed as toys and must comply with the European Toy Safety Directive EN71 parts 1, 2 and 3. This tests for flammability, choking and strangulation hazards, and toxicity. The test measures how quickly the fabric burns and how quickly the flame goes out by itself.


The criteria of the test is:


The rate of spread of flame of the test sample should not exceed 30 mm/or the test sample

shall self-extinguish. If the rate of spread of flame is between 10 mm/s and 30 mm/s, the

appropriate part(s) of the toy and the packaging shall be permanently marked with the

following warning: “Warning. Keep away from fire”


This testing does not apply to everyday children’s clothing with the exception of some



All the Smiffys costumes available at Flingers Party World are subject to EN71 and also Nightwear (Safety) Standards. This ensures the absolute highest safety standards and

reassurance that all children’s costumes are as safe and fit for purpose.


What to look for when buying children’s costumes:


- The packaging, or any accompanying leaflet, should contain specific parental or

flammability warnings, safety symbols and instructions for use, etc

- Costumes should be permanently labelled with the CE mark and relevant fire warnings

- Check the CE marking hasn’t been faked – check the correct logo has been used,

particularly the middle line of the E as it should be shorter

- The label or packaging should contain the manufacturers name, address, postcode or

phone number and a registered trademark


Buying costumes from a reputable retailer such as ourselves not only ensures a quality

costume, it always ensures it has been properly tested. Look out for reliable brands such as

Smiffys, who meet and exceed safety standards by voluntarily testing children’s costumes

to Nightwear (Safety) Standards as well as EN71. Cheap, counterfeit costumes may not have undergone safety checks and could put your family at risk.


As an extra safety measure, avoid candles, tea lights, fire and naked flames on Halloween

and ask neighbours and friends to do the same. LED lights are just as effective and a far

safer option.