How to: Wedding Invitations

So you’ve chosen your venue, bought the dress of your dreams and have spent the last few weeks stressing about how you wedding invitations should look.
Your wedding invitations are very important as they are seen to set a tone for your wedding day. They can be abit of a taster/teaser for your guests about what they should expect the big day to be like, or they could have nothing to do with the style of your wedding what so ever and you chose those invites because they looked pretty!
There are so many ways to write an invite and it can become very overwhelming trying to figure out what and how to write your invitations… But there is no need to fear, the girls at Pop Cloud are here!
We thought it would be best to start with the essential information to go on your invites:
  • Hosting - traditionally this is the Bride’s parents, however it can be the grooms parents, the bride and groom themselves, their children (if you’re not sticking to the traditional theme it can literally be anyone)
  • Request for attendance – This may seem like an obvious one however it’s always good to be clear when inviting guests, we’ve got a few options on how to say ‘please come to my wedding below:
  1. ‘’The pleasure of your company’’
  2. ‘’Would love for you to join them’’
  3. ‘’Kindly request your presence’’
  4. ‘’Invite you to celebrate with’’
These are just ideas and if you have a better suited way of wording it in a more personal to way by all means go by what you think
  • Bride and Grooms name – or Bride and Bride, or Groom and Groom. Whoever is getting married, make sure you put your names on the invites so your guests know whose wedding they are being invited to
  • Date, Time & Location – Always very important so guests know when and where to go for the ceremony/reception
  • Dress Code – If you aren’t going for the traditional ‘smart’ dress code this would be an ideal place to let your guests know what they need to wear
  • Separate RSVP Card – Now this is super important because guests need to be able to let you know if they can or cannot attend. It’s also good to give a RSVP deadline date as you really don’t want to be chasing guests when you’ve got everything else to sort out.
Ok so now you’ve got an idea of what important information needs to be on the invite list we have put together a couple of invitation examples below to give you an idea of what to write depending on how traditional/formal your wedding is.
Bride and Groom Parents Formal invite:
BRIDES DAD AND MUM (E.G. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith)
GROOMS DAD AND MUM (E.G. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith)
Request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their children
DATE (Date fully written)
A Reception will follow at
Informal invite:
Together with their families
Invite you to their marriage
Reception to follow at
Casual invite:
Getting Hitched
Request the pleasure of your company as they exchange vows
Now you know what you're writing and how you can choose your design, the design is all up to you and what you want.
We’ve got a few favourite wedding stationery accounts on Instagram we really love, give them a follow and check out their work!
Thanks for reading our blog, we hope you found this helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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