How to: Plan Your Best Girls Hen Party

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It’s finally happened… your bestie has found her knight in shining armour, he’s listened to Beyoncé and he’s  'Put a ring on it', and you’ve been asked to be ‘Maid of Honour’!
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Congratulations! This is a super exciting time for your best friend, and you get to help her through it all. As Maid of Honour, you will have lots of duties leading up to and on the Wedding Day; however one of the most important things you will be doing is... (drum roll please)... Planning the Hen Party.
For lots of people, this may seem daunting so we’ve put together a list of super important things to do. This isn’t just a 1 man job, it’s completely normal to delegate tasks to the Bridesmaids, and to be honest they’ll probably be expecting to help!
Remember to stay calm and relax throughout the process so you can give your bestie and the rest of the Bride Tribe a Hen Party to remember.
Firstly, and most importantly…

Speak to the bride! 

Everyone may have an idea of what the bride might like, however, the bride is the only one who truly knows what she wants.
Speak to her and find out what things she would like to do (Afternoon Tea might be right up her street) and what things are a big fat NO (leaping out of a plane for a skydive might not be her favourite thing to do).
Make sure you keep your Bride informed of key dates and costs; let's be honest the Hen Party is all about the Bride to Be so she needs to be kept informed on the important bits.  

Invite List

This part is nearly as crucial as speaking to the Bride herself! Ask the Bride to make a list of people she wants to attend, and then create a group (Facebook/Whats App) so you can communicate with everyone.
Your job will be so much less stressful if you make sure you have a plan and tell the Bridal Party what activities you are thinking of, dates, approx. costs etc.
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ask everyone what they think you should all do, getting opinions from 10+ people will just give you a massive headache and could cause a lot of agro, which you really don’t want.
You can’t make everyone 100% happy all the time, and as long as you are doing what the bride would want, that’s all that matters.
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Make sure you speak to the Bridal Party and get an idea of a budget from everyone, you need to make sure everyone invited can afford to come along and take part in the activities you’ll be planning.
Create a spreadsheet with everyone's names on so you can keep track on costings, payments and so forth. We’ve found this super helpful Budget Planner from that we know you’ll love, follow the link and then download the 'Budget Planner' spreadsheet to get yourself started.
Make sure you collect payments from everyone before confirming the booking. There would be nothing worse than you having to lose out on money because a member of the party couldn’t afford what you were planning and could no longer come.


Location is such a personal preference, some Brides might just want to chill out in a Lodge Cabin for the night, other Brides might want everyone to go all out on a 5 day trip to Vegas!  
Find out if your Bride wants to stay local, or if she wants to venture away and for how long? If you want something different there are some gorgeous Hen Party Houses available around the UK or if you are going abroad look at booking an Air BnB for something abit more intimate instead of a hotel.
If you are going abroad you must check everyone has a valid passport and visa (if needed), or if they don’t, that they can get a passport/visa in time. Make sure everyone has valid travel insurance, obviously you don’t plan on anyone injuring themselves during the trip, but make sure everyone is insured just in case; you don’t want to come home with a hospital bill more expensive than the trip itself!


These need to be booked well in advance, there would be nothing worse than realising a week before you have nothing planned, everything you want to do is fully booked and your Brides Hen Party will consist of a Saturday night at yours watching the X-Factor. If you’re stuck on what to do, find the perfect activities for the Bridal party here 
Make sure if any of the bridal party have special requirements these are taken into consideration (e.g. allergies, any disabilities etc)


A Hen Party is not a Hen Party without some gorgeous decorations; we have the most beautiful Bridal Shower partyware that everyone will love.
If you want all matching decorations why not buy one of our Team Bride ‘Party in a Box’ kits. It has everything you need and is great if you don’t have time to order everything individually.
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So the big day is here, there’s been months of preparation, endless hours of hard work, maybe a few tears along the way but it’s all finally arrived… the day of the Hen Party!

Last but not least… Have Fun!

You’ve spent time and effort making this Hen Party super special and we know your Bride is going to love it, make sure you enjoy yourself and give your Best the Best Hen Party!


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